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Before contacting us, please check if your question is already covered by the below Frequently Asked Questions list:

  1. How many residence units can this system support?
    • Unlimited, our system is hosted in Google cloud with infinite expandability.
  2. How many buildings can this system support?
    • Unlimited, and no additional monthly fees are required for having multiple buildings in the same community.
  3. How many doors or gates can this system support?
    • Unlimited and no additional monthly fees are required for having multiple doors or gates.
  4. Do I get software upgrades when new features are released?
    • Yes, some new features will be free upgrades while other optional services can cost extra. Critical updates are pushed to the tablets automatically as they become available.
  5. How many residents can access the system?
    • We do not set any limit, but the average US household size is 2.2 including kids, so the total number of residents should be around 2.2 times the number of reported units. We may investigate properties with inconceivably high resident to unit ratios to make sure the number of units reported to us is correct.
  6. Do you sell any accessories such as the electric strike, the maglock, etc?
    • No, we do not sell hardware accessories directly, but you can find direct purchase links to the various component suppliers on our Installers page. Please contact us if you would also like to be a supplier of ours.
  7. Can I use an iPad as the entrance tablet?
    • No, Android tablets are much more cost effective and comes in a much wider variety of models.
  8. Does each resident need to purchase any additional hardware to access the system?
    • No, they only need a smartphone (iOS or Android) and download our free app to receive video calls.  Non-smartphone and landline users will receive voice only phone calls from 786-623-5161. After the short message plays, the resident can press any key to start communicating with the visitor, afterwards, they can press *1 to grant access.
  9. How does the resident or visitor open the door?
    • At the door, by entering their numberic access code or scanning their QR Code.
    • At the door, depending on the type of reader installed using one or more of the following credentials:
      • Touchless RFID credentials such as a key card, key fob, sticker.
      • Wireless credentials such as Bluetooth, NFC tags.
      • Biometric identifiers such as fingerprint, vein, retina.
      • There are many reader choices avaiable on the market and we support all of them that complies to the Wiegand standard.
    • When called by their visitor and is using a smartphone, by pressing the Open Door button on the app.
    • When called by their visitor and is NOT using a smartphone, by pressing *1 on their phone's numeric keypad.
  10. Do you support both the iPhone and Android phones?
    • Yes, our free phone app is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  11. Which tablet do you recommend?
  12. How do I mount the tablet to the wall?
    • We have partnered with several enclosure makers to provide various tablet mounting enclosures. Please see our Installers page for more info. Please contact us if you would also like to be a supplier of ours.
  13. How do I prevent users from existing the tablet entry app?
    • The Android tablet is set to Kiosk mode, only our Entry App running on the foreground is accessible.
  14. How hot can the temperature get before the system shuts down?
    • The tablet manufacturers rated the tablet's operating temperatures from 32F to 105F.  We have tested our system up to 115F but recommends adhering to the manufacturer's suggested temperatures.  If the entry box will be directly exposed to the sun, you will need to install a hood to protect the box from overheating. Please see our Installers page for more info. Here is our High Temperature Testing Video 1 and High Temperature Testing Video 2.
    • For locations colder than 32F, a Thin Film Heater and a thermometer relay is required to prevent controller shutdown. Please see our Installers page for more info.
  15. How do I prevent theft and vandalism of the tablet?
    • You can use any Android tablet, some models are more vandal proof than others. You can also add tempered glass screen protectors to further protect the tablet. However, nothing can give you 100% protection to purposeful vandalism such as a swing from a baseball bat, this is also true for any other entry systems on the market. Our system allows you to replace a damaged tablet very quickly and inexpensively while replacement parts from other proprietary manufactured units can be very expensive and you must wait for a trained professional to replace the damaged parts, adding more costs and prolonged system downtime. Adding a surveillance camera system is a great way to deter vandalism.
  16. How do I manage the residents, entries, schedules and access rules?
    • The full functionality of the system is managed by accessing our cloud based Community Management Portal from anywhere with Internet.
  17. What is the HTML code to incorporate the Community Manager into my website for private labeling?
    • <iframe width="1024" height="768" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>
    • Here is a sample HTML file containing the code: Private Label
  18. What happens to the controller when the Internet goes down?
    • The ability for the tablet to make calls will be disabled, however, existing access codes, QR codes, cards and fobs will continue to work as usual. No updates to access codes, QR, codes, cards, fobs, schedules, and residents can be sent to the tablet by our cloud server until your Internet connection is restored.
  19. The $50 minimum monthly fee is still too much for my tiny project, can I get the system for free?
    • Yes, if your tiny project only requires a maximum of just 5 residents or less, the demo account is completely functional and 100% free to use. We hope that you will bring us larger projects in the future.
  20. Will you support Z-Wave®, ZigBee®, Wi-Fi®, Lutron® Clear Connect® based devices?
    • Possibly, this feature is under review and is being considered for future development.
  21. I want to disable the Resident codes while keeping the ability for residents to issue Guest codes, and the system is not allowing me to do that, or vice versa.
    • If you disable the access code feature, then the residents also lose the ability to create guest codes, in either numeric or QR format.
      The reasoning is as follows:
    • If you want to disallow resident codes, but keep guest codes.
    • Residents will simply create a guest code and use it themselves. Defeating the purpose.
    • If you want to disallow guest codes but keep resident codes.
    • Residents will simply give their guests resident codes. Creating a security breach.
      So if you want to disallow codes, you will have to disallow it for both residents and guests.
    • Now if you only want a special group of people, such as the weekly pool contractor, who are allowed to use codes, you can do that.
  22. Can you add this special feature that I must have in order to sell this system to my customer?
    • Maybe, please contact us and describe your feature requirement below.

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